Brentwood, CA

Caring for the Stone

Nothing is more beautiful than the marble or natural stone-based interior. With the Marble Clinic Restoration, the proper maintenance and regular care will undoubtedly brighten and maintain your natural stones’ appearance. Marble Clinic Restoration provides full natural stone restoration services for Brentwood customers.
The Routine Care
The Marble Clinic Restoration provides durable and efficient restoration with natural cleaners. The products we use are pH neutral and will not affect your natural stones’ sealings. We ensure that no bleach or acid is applied or any volatile chemicals used for cleaning. Based on the marble condition, our experts also look for some stains that might be visible after polishing. Some of the stones require less maintenance, while some are unpolished natural stones that require regular care.
Our style
One of Marble Clinic Restoration’s prime objectives is to restore your natural stones’ original beauty and provide a durable finishing solution. We use authentic products and high-quality treatment plans to offer our customers only the best to achieve this.


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