Kitchen & Island Countertops and Refinishing

Kitchen & Island Countertops and Refinishing

At The Marble Clinic Restoration, we offer high-quality, cost-effective and highly durable kitchen & island countertops and refinishing services in Los Angeles, CA, that can bloom your kitchen and island countertops into a new natural stone finishing. If your kitchen countertops are damaged, etched, worn out, dull, cracked, or anything of the sort, and you would like to see their original beauty once again, then we are the refinishing specialist team that can fulfill your dreams.

Don’t Replace. Refinish!

Many homeowners desire a chance to replace their kitchen and island countertops with granite, marble, soapstone, limestone, and more, although it can get quite expensive to replace them. With our expert refinishing techniques, you get to see your kitchen & island countertops in different materials. We are committed to saving your cost for refinishing and restoration. Consult us for customized plans!


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