Marble Refinishing Care & Maintenance

Marble Refinishing Care & Maintenance

The Marble Clinic Restoration comprises stone specialists passionate about taking care of marbles and natural stones. Marble refinishing care & maintenance is what we have been doing for over two decades. During this time, our workforce has been through many unique situations and is heavily experienced in removing all sorts of grime, dirt, cracks, dulled surfaces, chips, etching, hard stains, lippage, and more from your marbles and other natural stones. Among many different services, our marble care & maintenance includes:

Specialized & Customized Care & Maintenance Plans

Our highly experienced stones specialists have customized plans for the care & maintenance of your natural stones, such as marble. Our specialty maintenance plans include care for softer tiles such as travertine and limestone since they are susceptible to scratches and dull spots on the surface called “acid etching”. We protect your precious stones and marbles from such issues and provide complete care tailored to their needs.


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